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In 2017, 30 first grade students created a revolutionary HVAC unit that needed a very small amount of power, but could heat or cool an entire building. The device was brought to market soon after, and the inventors formed a company named APTER. Many other buisnesses were created, including AbRa and ABComp. A holding company named AbtinBusinesses was created to house the growing amount of companies and startups.

In 2022 a corporate restructurement was completed with AbtinBusinesses (now named AB Tech LLC), Tyee Industries, Puffington,PineCone Holdings, EGO Corp, Fire Group, WRAT Inc, Malex Labs,and PatTech as subsidiaries of a new holding company named MaxBusinesses.

MaxBusinesses Leadership


Max Sanders

President & CEO

Founder, President, and CEO


Octavia Morris


Vice President



Peter Gronkowski


Chief Operating Officer



Rachel Chambers

Chief Product Officer


Clover O'Reilly

Chief Marketing Officer

Subsidiary Leadership

Company Exectutive Leader Business
AB Tech LLC Octavia M. Technology and Construction
Tyee Industries Inc Suzie P. Technology
Puffington Co James P. Energy, Computers, and Pet Items
PineCone Holdings (Dissolved) -- Holding Company
E.G.O. Corp (Dissolved) -- Construction
BlackFire Group Arrow W. T. Holding Company
WRAT Inc Geronimo S. Telecom
mALeX Labs Alex G.V. Consumer Goods, Robotics
PatTech Inc  Patrick A. Automotive products, Electronics
Buy N' Large Inc (Dissolved) -- Holding Company
GoodStor (Dissolved) -- Retail

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